How to make fabric softener for a washing machine with your own hands?

Today, the use of various water softeners and rinse aid for washing has become commonplace. But few people know that you can make a fabric softener with your own hands, which is much more profitable than constantly buying such products. And in terms of the quality of the result, their own mixtures are in no way inferior to industrial ones.

Ingredients for balm

What is required?

If you read the composition of the air conditioners that are presented in stores, the list will be impressive. And not all ingredients are healthy, especially for a child’s body. Of course, there are good rinses on sale - on a natural basis, hypoallergenic. But their price will be high.

That is why rinse agent of its own production is good, because all the components in it are always at hand, are inexpensive and do not harm health. Of course, you should not exclude allergic reactions to these ingredients, but they happen much less often than in the case of industrial air conditioners. Yes, and such a composition is being prepared in just a few minutes. But for how long it lasts, it depends only on you. You can immediately prepare a rinse with a margin, it is stored well.

In order to make an air conditioner at home, you will need the following components:

  • vinegar;
  • baking soda (can be replaced with soda ash);
  • Epsom salt - sold in a pharmacy, the usual here is not suitable;
  • warm water;
  • essential oil (lavender, orange, lemon or any other with a pleasant smell);
  • hair conditioner (not a balm or rinse aid);
  • capacity in which the conditioner will be stored (you can even take a bottle from the purchased product).

As you can see, no complicated and rare ingredients are needed. All this is for sure at your place. If not, then a visit to the pharmacy or to the store will help make up for the missing.

The process of making balm for linen

Manufacturing process

If you decide to make a fabric softener at home, then you can do this both in advance and immediately before use - it is prepared quickly.

  1. If there is absolutely no time or just do not want to mess with the manufacture of an air conditioner, you can use ordinary table vinegar to soften the laundry. Just pour it on the laundry before rinsing. For aroma, you can drop five drops of essential oil. In addition to softening the water, vinegar also has an antibacterial property and washes laundry detergent from the laundry, which could remain there.
  2. The second rinse option requires a little more ingredients and a couple of minutes more time. But the effect of its use is much higher. To begin, pour one liter of warm water and 140 ml of 9% vinegar into the prepared container, mix. Now in this mixture you need to pour soda (about half a glass). Sprinkle a little, as soda and vinegar react and the rinse starts to hiss and foam very much. Once all three ingredients have been mixed, it remains to add a few drops of any essential oil, finally mix - and you can use it. As well as the more familiar product, add about half a glass of home-made to the appropriate compartment of the washing machine. Or two caps if you used a container from the previous rinse aid.
  3. The latter option is considered the best among those conditioners that can be made at home, and has already collected many rave reviews from housewives. To make it, you will need water, vinegar and hair conditioner in a ratio of 6: 3: 2. Again, you can add a little essential oil to give a pleasant aroma to the washed laundry.Combine all of these ingredients and use the product as you would normally when washing. After applying such a rinse, the laundry becomes very soft, irones perfectly and does not become electrified. If you also take as an ingredient the most inexpensive hair conditioner (it will completely cope with the task), then the final result will cost you a fairly small amount.
  4. Compartment for balsam in the washing machine

  5. If you managed to purchase Epsom salt (in its composition magnesia and magnesium sulfate), then on its basis you can make an excellent fabric softener. It will not only make things softer, but also restore colors. All you need to do is take a glass of salt and add about 10 drops of essential oil to it. Sprinkle all this into a jar with a sealed lid, close, shake well. When washing, add a couple of spoons to the air conditioning compartment.
  6. Based on the previous recipe, you can prepare another rinse. Take half a glass of the mixture and stir with a glass of warm water until the salt is completely dissolved. Pour a glass of soda into a separate spacious container and begin to slowly add table vinegar - 6 glasses. As soon as everything was mixed and the reaction stopped, pour in a water-salt solution and mix well. When washing, add about half a glass of detergent to the washing machine.

Now you just have to choose a rinse, based on the ingredients that are at home, and you can begin to manufacture. Having tried to make such a tool once, you are unlikely to return to industrial options. Homemade compositions are cheaper, safer, and soften clothes no worse than those that were bought in the store.

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